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  • Product Name : 360 degree big water jet granite and marble block wire saw stone cutter machine Power-saving Master
    Size : PSM
    Country of Origin : China
    Contact : Mao guanghua (mr) Leave a message Leave a message
  • The fifth generation Power-Saving Master(PSM) series wire saw machine uses the latest technology with superhigh efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous driver. Its power saving effect is remarkable, and the saving electricity fees can recover the purchase cost within three years. The fuel saving effect is more significant if using a electric generator.

    1.Compared with the same power ordinary wire saw machine, the Most Power-Saving can save the electricity cost about 30% and improve the power by one grade. 
    2. Compared with the same effect, 45KW MPS can be used to replace 55KW ordinary wire saw machine, and 55KW MPS can replace 75KW ordinary wire saw machine, which can save about 40% of the electricity cost. 
    3. The rotor of superhigh efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor is excited by rare-earth permanent magnet, and does not need excitation current. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high power, low operating current, high power-saving, low temperature rise, small size, light weight, and durable bearings , long service life and low failure rate. 
    4. The permanent magnet synchronous motor has the characteristics of constant torque. It is easy to start cutting at low speed, which can avoid manually dragging wire saw to assist the starting when cutting large surface. It is labor-saving and safe.

    For more information, please visit our website: http://www.khdiamondwiresaw.com/